South Australia

From the excellent Encyclopedia of South Australian Culture. Some spot-on entries here. Check this one for ‘interstate rivalry’…

There is an intense rivalry between people who live in South Australia and people who live in Victoria. Victorians just aren’t aware of it.

I can’t tell you how true that is. South Australians have this idea that there’s a rivalry between SA and Victoria along the lines of the (supposed) Melbourne-Sydney rivalry. But ask any Victorian about it and they’ve never heard of such nonsense. And the description of fritz is also fantastic…

A bland luncheon meat, possibly derived from pork, and sold encased in wide, sausage-shaped plastic tubes. Usually eaten in sandwiches (composed of fritz, margarine, tomato sauce and white bread).

I grew up on those sandwiches. It must have confused my parents when they first moved to Melbourne and asked the butcher for fritz, only to be met with a puzzled face. And then there’s ‘trombone’, which is Adelaidese for pumpkin…

A trombone is a variety of pumpkin (shaped not awfully much like the musical instrument) which was at one time so common in South Australia that many people used the word trombone instead of pumpkin.

And on the tap-water…

One of Adelaide’s biggest claims to fame is that it has the worst drinking water of any city in the developed world.

So true.


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